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14 Nov | SKNAAA Ultra Sprint (10/Nov/2013)

SKNAAA Ultra Sprint (1 mile) from Conyers to Verchilds, held on Sunday 10th November, 2013

Athlete Name Club/School Time Position
O’Brien Huggins Extreme 5:19.00 1st
Kajon Parris Extreme 5:21.94 2nd
Shaquille Barzey Extreme 5:35.48 3rd
Timoy Henry Extreme 5:51.98 4th
Navada Balnchard Extreme 5:52.38 5th
Akeem Freeman Etonics 5:58.91 6th
Dequan Wattley Etonics 6:00.91 7th
Ajah Jules Etonics 6:18.26 8th
Zeon Bass Extreme 6:19.66 9th
Malique Clarke Etonics   10th
Dario Esdaille Extreme   11th
Kizan David Etonics   12th
Zachary Rochester Pace Setters   13th
Berchel Wheatley Pace Setters   14th
Kalonji Clarke Etonics   15th
Javrell Alford Etonics   16th
Reanda Richards Etonics   1st
Tihara Carty Etonics   2nd
Jarencia Jeffers Etonics   3rd
Keishonna Brookes Extreme   4th
Tamia Jules Etonics   5th
Ilesia Finch Etonics   6th
iaaf statement on doping


Abby Hoffman, an IAAF Council Member and a Member of the IAAF’s Medical and Anti-Doping Commission, delivered a strong statement about the IAAF view of the new WADA Code to the 2013 World Conference on Doping in Sport organised by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Johannesburg on Wednesday (13).

The statement was delivered on behalf of the IAAF President Lamine Diack, the IAAF Council, and the 212 Member Federations of the IAAF, as well as the millions of participants in the sport around the world. Read more

Road Relay 2 016

14 Nov | SKNAAA 2nd Road Relay

SKNAAA 2nd Road Relay, from Parsons Village to Newton Ground, held on Sunday 4th November.

Team name Athletes name Time Position
Extreme 1Male 1.Trevaughn Pemberton2.Timoy Henry

3.Lyndon David

4.Kajon Parris


21:55.22 1st
Extreme 2Male 1.O’Brien Huggins2.Oniel Thomas

3.Otis Stevens

4.Navada Blanchard


22:06.22 2nd
Etonics 1Male 1.Dequan Wattley2.Akeem Freeman

3.Kalonji Clarke

4.Ajah Jules


24:47.87 3rd
Extreme 3Male 1.Zeon Bass2.Javaughn Brookes

3.Rashawn Eddy

4.Dario Esdaille


25:00.65 4th
Etonis 2Male



1.Rasheed Eddy2.Zaval Prentice

3.Kizan David

4.Malique Clarke


26:26.59 5th
Pace SettersMale 1.Jalani Willet2.Kaylon Liburd

3.Jabari Willet

4.Ronaldo Dias


32:21.20 6th


1st Male team Extreme Velocity                                 1st Female team Etonics

2nd Male team Extreme Velocity                              2nd Female team Extreme

3rd Male team Etonics                                                    3rd Female team Extreme

Mix team

1st Pace Setters

Road Relay 019

14 Nov | SKNAAA 1st Road Relay

SKNAAA 1st Road Relay from Sandy Point to Verchilds, held on Sunday 27th October.

Team name Athletes name Time Position
Extreme Male 1.   Trevaughn Pemberton2. O’Brien Huggins3.   Kajon Parris4.   Timoy Henry 21:43:34 1st
Pace Setters Male 1.   Othniel Warner2.   Shavaughn Wilson3.   Dominique Greene4.   Aaron Bennire 23:59:87 2nd
Etonics Male 1.   Dequan Wattley2.   Akeem Freeman3.   Kalonji Clarke4.   Ajah Jules 24:58:65 3rd
Etonics Female 1.   Reanda Richards2.   Dottisha Taylor3.   Tiharra Carty4.   Herencia Jeffers 26:35:62 1st
ExtremeMix 1.   Lyndon David2.   Davron Hanley3.   Navada Blanchard4.   Keishonna Brookes 25:53:99 1st
Pace SettersMix
  1. Taje Lyjfrock
  2. Akeem Wilkinson
  3. Brea Williams
  4. Jenice Daley
26:32:05 2nd

1st Male team Extreme Velocity

2nd Male team Pace Setters

3rd Male Team Etonics

1st Female Team Etonics

1st Mix Team Extreme Velocity


iaaf standards

14 Nov | New IAAF Qualifying Procedures

MAJOR CHANGE is coming to the process by which athletes qualify for the World Championships and Olympics. The IAAF has announced that starting with the 2015 World Champs in Beijing the current qualifying scheme of A- and B-standards will be replaced with a single qualification standard for each event, “which aims to fill 75% of the quota for that discipline. The rest of the places will be filled by the top-ranked athletes in each event.” Read more


01 Oct | WADA publishes 2014 Prohibited List

Following approval by the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Executive Committee on September 11, the 2014 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods is now available.

Noteworthy changes to the List, which will come into force on January 1, 2014, include:


Use of International Non-proprietary Names (INN)

With the assistance of the World Health Organisation, the nomenclature of some substances on the List has been updated to International Non-proprietary Names (INN). For ease, however, previous names have been maintained and no substance has been deleted. Read more

Anti-Dope Workshop2

26 Sep | MOE partners with UNESCO to combat drug use

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, September 24th 2013 (SKNIS) - Physical Education Teachers and Coaches in secondary schools are set to benefit from a two-day workshop that will help promote awareness and sensitize these individuals about the adverse effects of alcohol, drugs and doping in sports.

The theme for the September 24 -25 inaugural workshop is ‘Leveling the Playing Field in High Schools’ and is being spearheaded by the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO) in collaboration with the St. Kitts Ministry of Education. Read more

new york times

25 Sep | Losing Is Good for You

LOS ANGELES — AS children return to school this fall and sign up for a new year’s worth of extracurricular activities, parents should keep one question in mind. Whether your kid loves Little League or gymnastics, ask the program organizers this: “Which kids get awards?” If the answer is, “Everybody gets a trophy,” find another program. Read more