Constitiution of SKNAAA



1.1  The name of the organization shall be the St Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletic

Association and herein after referred to as the “SKNAAA”.


1.2  The SKNAAA is an independent body, totally independent from its members and it thereby incurs separate liability for its acts or omissions, totally unrelated to its members, or members of its Executive. Accordingly, none of them shall incur any personal liability for any such acts of omissions by the SKNAAA or by its Executive, unless any individual incurs a personal liability and thereby renders himself/herself personally liable to any other persons/s by operation of law.


1.3  Neither this constitution nor a Member’s Membership shall constitute the SKNAAA

or a Member being an agent of the other or create a partnership, joint venture or similar relationship between the parties, nor shall this Constitution constitute the authorization of either party to act for or on behalf of the other.


1.4  The SKNAAA is affiliated to the IAAF (and through the IAAF to the North American,

Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association). The SKNAAA recognizes, accepts, applies, observes and abides by the current Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the IAAF and the North American, Central American and Caribbean, as well as any further amendments.  This applies especially to the Anti-Doping rules, the handling of disputes, and relations with Athletes’ Representatives.