SKNAAA General Body elects new Executive Committee at 2nd Quadrennial

To:                  The Print and Electronic Media

From:              Evris Huggins, PRO SKNAAA

Subject:           SKNAAA General Body elects new Executive Committee at 2nd Quadrennial

 Date:              Sunday 12th January 2014


Press Release


The St. Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletic Association (SKNAAA) held its second (2nd) Quadrennial Meeting on Saturday, 11th January 2014 at the Silver Jubilee Athletic Stadium.

At time of roll call, all nine (9) of the athletic clubs that make up the General Body of the SKNAAA were present.

  • S L Horsfords Pace Setters Track Club
  • Extreme Velocity Track Club
  • Elite Performances Track Club
  • Fast Twitch Track Club
  • Etonics Track Club
  • Outer Limits Athletics Club
  • Over the Top Track and Field Club
  • Titans Track Club
  • Gladiators Track Club

Presentations were made from the head table comprising of the former Executive Committee. The audited report for period ending December 31st 2012 was presented by auditing firm Audain & Associates while the content of the financial summary was explained on a need to know basis by outgoing treasurer Mr. Donnell Esdaille.

Former General Secretary, Mr. Keith Heyliger, presented the Executive Report, giving a synopsis of the association’s activities from an administrative, developmental and ambassadorial level.

The main item on the agenda was the Election of officers to the Executive Committee. Six (6) weeks prior to the Quadrennial, the General Body elected Dr. Patrick Martin, Mr. Anthony Wiltshire and Mrs. Miselle O’Brien-Norton to serve as the Electoral Committee members. The purpose of the said committee is to supervise elections to the Executive Committee applying democratic principles and procedures that are in compliance with the IAAF Electoral Code.

Donnell Esdaille, Osdel Hanley and James Kelly former Treasurer, Games Secretary and Technical Official Representative respectively, decided not to contest their post.

The Electoral Committee reported that the post for President, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Games Secretary and Women’s Representative were all unopposed. They also informed the gathering that the Coaches Representative, Athletes Representative and Technical Officials Representative were all voted amongst their peers prior to the Quadrennial, however, they will be announced and confirmed at the said Quadrennial.

The nominees were:

  • Coaches Representative                         – Timothy Morton & Lonzo Wilkerson
  • Technical Officials Representative     – Craig McDowell & Elvis Isaac
  • Athletes Representative                          - Timothy Caines & Delwayne Delaney

The nominees for the contested post were as follows:

  • Vice President                         – Lester Hanley & Val Henry
  • General Secretary                    – Francil Morris & Keith Heyliger
  • Treasurer                                 – Burchell Crooke & Iston Williams
  • Public Relations Officer          – Dominic Matthew & Evris Huggins

Each membership club was presented with two (2) ballots and cast their votes accordingly for the contested positions.

After the ballots were counted, Dr. Martin announced the results and simultaneously presented the new Executive.


President                                                        – Glenville Jeffers

Vice President                                                 – Val Henry

General Secretary                                            – Francil Morris

Treasurer                                                         – Burchell Crooke

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer                       – Valarie Richardson-Mason

Public Relations Officer                                  – Evris Huggins

Games Secretary                                             – Corneil Williams

Women’s Representative                               – Grace Maritza Diaz

Coaches Representative                                - Timothy Morton

Technical Official Representative              - Craig McDowell

Athletes Representative                                    - Delwayne Delaney

President Glenville Jeffers thanked the membership clubs for exercising their constitutional right and selecting the team of people to govern the sport for the next quadrennial. He also thanked his former committee for their contribution over the past four (4) years.

End of Release