The St. Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletic Association was established in 1977 after separating from the St. Kitts Amateur Athletic and Cycling Association that year.  It was headed by Dennis (Freddie) Knight who was joined by Seymour Davis, Gene Knight and a number of other enthusiastic individuals to promote the sport of athletics in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

They however continued to work with their former partners, the St. Kitts Amateur Cycling Association and both associations held joint sporting competitions in Warner Park up to 1980.

The Association was formerly constituted in 1978 when the General Assembly agreed to work with the Cycling Association to form the St. Kitts Commonwealth Games Association. This was done in an effort for a team of athletes, cyclists and officials to travel to Edmonton, Canada to participate in the 10th Commonwealth Games.

The Association became a member of the International Amateur Athletic Federation that year and this membership gave it the opportunity to compete on the world stage.

The Commonwealth Games was the first international competition in which we participated and two athletes namely Glynn Osborne and Ezzard Wilson represented the Federation at this prestigious event.

The Association grew from strength to strength over the years and has now developed into an organization, which has a full time secretariat operating like a business venture to promote the sport.

Over the years the Executive Committee and General Membership has helped to chart the course for a number of young persons in both islands in numerous ways. This include to hosting of the annual TDC Interschool Championships at the Basseterre High School ground for over 25 years, and in previous years the hosting of the Rams Primary school championships.

Another way is through the cooperation with a number of educational institutions around North America during and after negotiations to assist young persons to gain athletic and academic scholarships to various high schools, junior colleges and universities, to enhance their academic potential.

The list of persons is too long to mention but outstanding persons can be named as follows:

  • Kenneth Clifton
  • Ezzard Wilson
  • Diane Dunrod-Francis
  • Kim Collins
  • Melville Rogers
  • Virgil Hodge
  • Tiandra Ponteen
  • Nathandra John

The Association’s Executive Committee is duly elected By-annually and comprises eleven posts.

  • President – Glenville Jeffers
  • Vice President - Lester Hanley
  • General Secretary  - Keith Heyliger
  • Treasurer - Donnell Esdaille
  • Assistant General Secretary - Iston Williams
  •  Public Relation Officer - Evris Huggins
  • Games SecretaryOsdel (Scotty) Hanley
  • Women”s Representative – Maritza Dias
  • Technical Delegate – James Kelly
  • Coaching Coordinator - Lonzo Wilkinson

The General membership comprises the following clubs and schools:


  • Etonics
  • Extreme Velocity
  • Pace Setters
  • Titans
  • Elite Performance
  • Over The Top

  • Basseterre High
  • Washington Archibald
  • Cayon
  • Verchilds
  • ICCS
  • Gingerland
  • Charlestown
  • C.F.B.C.
  • A.V.E.C.
  • Saddlers

The secretariat shared office space with the St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee since January 1995.  Due to the growth of each association including their sponsorship arrangement with Adidas International Marketing BV, there has been a need for our secretariat to establish its own office at the new location at #1 Dorset, Basseterre.

Finally our Executive Committee set up an organizing committee to seek support in its bid to host Carifta Games 2008.  The team won the bid at the North American, Central American and Caribbean Congress held in Nassau Bahamas.

This is a competition for the Caribbean athletes under twenty (20) years to compete for supremacy and we expect to field a full team of athletes at this event. We expect that the young athletes who are currently attending high school will use this as an opportunity to display their skills in track and field athletics.

St. Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletic Association